Preface: our water heater went out yesterday so we ended up having to take some ice cold showers (more on that in a bit).

We have a cleaning service that comes to the house every two weeks.  Every time they come to clean, my wife has to hide her silk pillow cases because otherwise, they would try to clean them in the laundry, which would ruin them.

Yesterday, we had our first 20 week sonogram as well, so we were rushing to get out of the house (maids hadn’t come yet).  When we got back (everything is great re: the sonogram), the maids were here and the washer and dryer were started.  Courtney ran up and saw that a pillow case was in the dryer and pulled it out and started flipping out about it being ruined.

I went to look and thought it looked fine. I was said to her, "well the pillow case feels and looks normal, so I don’t think it’s ruined, looks like it survived".  She was adamant that it was ruined and she was pissed.  I kept telling her that it feels fine, so is it really ruined??  She was stuck on that it was ruined. She was upset.

An hour later, I realized why they weren’t ruined and I told her, "hey, remember that the water heater went out?  They were washed with cold water, which is why they weren’t ruined".  It was like a switched flipped in her head and she realized that they pillow cases were ok and that they were not, in fact, ruined by the wash.

So how does this relate to anything?  

Sometimes people get an idea so engrained in their minds that they don’t trust what they are seeing, hearing, or even feeling with their own hands.  Their thoughts trump (pun intended) their senses.