I'm starting to get everything together for the upcoming trip and, in doing so, have decided to catalog the equipment I'm going to be hauling around with me.

Most of my photography will be of landscapes and nightscapes, but there will be the random portrait / telephoto shot as well.

Pictured above:

  1. Canon 7d DSLR
  2. Rokinon 16mm 2.0 lens (night photography)
  3. Canon 200mm L lens (telephoto)
  4. Canon 17-55mm 2.8 (all purpose)
  5. Tamron 10-24mm
  6. Sigma 2x converter
  7. Remote intervalometer
  8. 2 64GB Compact Flash
  9. 4GB Compact Flash backup
  10. External USB sticks (in case SSD on MacBook fills up)
  11. Neutral Density filter 77mm Bower
  12. Polarizing filter 77mm
  13. UV filter 77mm
  14. 82-77mm step down ring
  15. Canon 430EX flash
  16. 3 x Canon Battery
  17. Headlamp with red night LED

Not pictured:

  1. 15 inch retina MacBook Pro
  2. iPhone 6
  3. iPhone 5 with FLIR One attached
  4. Manfrotto tripod
  5. Travel adapter / power converter
  6. Ravpower portable USB battery