Well, as far as poor decisions go, I made a pretty collosal one a couple of nights ago (the 29th - 30th). You see, it was raining quite hard and I thought we were in for the night. So, being wide awake, yet wanting to get up early the next morning, I decided to take an ambien to help me sleep. Yeah, that was a mistake.

The sky cleared up enough for Pablo to want to go out again, and I couldn't let him get all the glory so I decided to try to brave the sleepiness and go as well. In hindsight, I'm glad I did, but at the same time, it was dumb to take the ambien prior to everyone being ready for bed. You see, ambien has a side effect. It makes you unable to remember clearly the previous evening. It also makes you incredibly dizzy and gives you double vision (which can be kind of interesting if you are NOT trying to take photos with an expensive DSLR).

All of this being said, this is why I'm annoyed about not really being able to remember the night:

I took the above photo, dizzy and tired, but have no memory of actually seeing the aurora. UGH! Oh well. According to the aurora forecast, it's only supposed to get stronger until it peaks on January 3rd. I'm throwing the rest of the ambien down the toilet.

One more photo before we head out for the day: