On my phone, I have an Aurora Forecast app. It labeled the 2nd and 3rd as activity levels 4 and 5 (5 is the highest). Actually, let me first preface this with a quick note: We left the scenic farm and drove back to Vik (just past Vik to the west). There we found a nice little summer house (this is what the Icelandic people call vacation cabins). This cabin is at the foot of a giant volcanic crater. It was great. Icelandic horses to our left and a giant volcanic crater to our right. The first night, we were treated to a couple of subtle northern lights, just above the crater. Image below:

Then, that night, we got a glimpse of our first major aurora event. This ended up resulting in the bulk of my photographs (as expected). I'm going to post the images tomorrow night when I land back in the states (mostly due to the sleepies taking over and a really slow internet connection).

Check back tomorrow night!