When we got to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, we first went to the glacier side (the road is smack in the middle of the glacier and beach where it flows to it's inevitable end in the Atlantic.

It's really difficult to put into words what this place looked like. It's like trying to describe the Grand Canyon. It's hard to really get the point across to anyone that hasn't experienced it. Although, I would have been happy if there were less seagulls.

Granted, the weather was horrible, but we were still able to take a few great photos.

And then we crossed the street. Here's the science behind what you're about to see: As the glacier melts and breaks apart, chunks flow into the ocean. Then, as the tide rises and falls, huge pieces of ice end up on the beach (which is covered in black sand from the volcanic ash).

Behold! The process in action:

Then, as per usual, the rain came and we had to head back to the farm to rest up for the New Year's festivities.