We decided to trek north, towards Grundarfjordur (pronounced: grundansdjnflskncjwenfj) - I have no idea how to pronounce most of the Icelandic names words.

Unfortunately, the weather turned pretty rough, with roads completely covered with a sheet of ice over an inch thick, and wind gusts that would literally move our car while it was parked.

Even with the above weather conditions, we were able to get some decent photos, however none of the night sky, as it was extremely cloudy and raining in parts. The rain made the drive even more trecherous, but we were finally able to reach Grundarfjordur just after the sun set behind the horizon (3:40 PM GMT).

Tomorrow will be a "play it by ear" day as we wait to see if the weather turns, giving us a chance to head east a bit before going back to the south east corner of the island.

And now, for the photos: